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The missing function

Yesterday was fraught with changes, only for me to dump them all today! 1.0.5 will have to wait a bit longer.

For all that have downloaded 1.0.4 there was a missing function in download, the current zip file on the site now contains the working “clone” function.

I did try to copy the jQuery extend function, however, this wasn’t good for the speed of bHive with massive recursion loops happening. Instead, I’ve gone with a parasitic clone function… Who knew 4 lines could be the key to making bHive easier to use!

This now means that you can achieve the same effect as … Continue Reading

Welcome to a little development

Welcome to the bHive development blog, a place for me to just dump small updates and changes that have been made to bHive.

The download is live and people are downloading the files so all is good.