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1.0.7 is here!

The savvy people out there would have probably noticed I’ve been using 1.0.7 on some of the demo pages, today I’m happy to say that it’s available for the masses in the form of development and production versions.

Please as usual, let me know of any bugs you come across, I’ve tested it as much as I can but I am sure something will crop up, it usually does!

I’ve mentioned a couple of things over the past weeks that have been included:

  • Audio
  • Tileset
  • More animation control
  • Speed Increase
  • Triggers
  • Tweens

All good enjoy!

Tile sets

Forgot to mention that the bHive.Bitmap class has now been updated with methods to allow for the use of tiles. Instead of calling the normal .draw() method which would just draw the entire bitmap to screen you can now use:

addTile( ident, sx, sy, width, height);

ident – a string identifier so you can reference the saved tile
sx – x location of the top left corner of the tile
sy – y location of the top left corner of the tile
width & height – Size of the tile

drawTile( ident, dx, dy, [width, height])

ident – the string identifier used in addTile method
dx – Destination … Continue Reading

Sprites get a makeover!

Right, the old way bHive used sprites was to have a sprite sheet and animate it using the coordinates that were assigned using the framedata array. This method was okay, but just assumed that the sprite sheet contained only one animation, in reality you’d need a seperate sprite sheet for every animated sprite in your game or application. Boo!

I’ve now rewritten the Sprite class so that you can pass in a bHive.bitmap as the src property which will allow you to load a all encompassing sprite sheet and create multiple animated sprites from it.

The Sprite class also now sports a … Continue Reading

First flash conversion

Have started the conversion of Memory Mess the Flash game I wrote in 2004 for the UK Motorshow. So far all the assets are imported and most of the code has ported straight into bHive.

As you’ll see from the post below, I missed the clone function from 1.0.4.. Sorry guys! It’s now there as I needed it for the scrolling background.

Before I launch this I’m guessing I’ll promote bHive to version 1.0.5, I need to add the sound functions to this game and that is a significant development which warrants a version change.

setInterval bites the dust!

I hold my hands up, there are some really clear people out in the InterWorld (does that even exist?) and I’m just scratching at the surface.

After doing some cramming on how to implement a Corona SDK style implementation of Box2d-Web into bHive I came across the “new thinking” of how to do intelligent animation. The answer, requestAnimationFrame (silent fanfare!).

As usual the browser gods can’t agree on a unified naming convention, so we’re left with the o-moz-webkit combo of functions, Geesh.. Guys, agree on one name for your functions please!

Rant over, and back to the clever people! … Continue Reading

New things for today

A couple of new additions today:

bHive.include(Path to file) – 1.0.7
This now allows you to segment your projects into manageable environments.

bHive Touch & Gestures – 1.0.7
Thanks to Phantom Limb (didn’t have my iPad with me today) mobile touch events and gestures are now available.

*Bug Fixes*

Fixed the data URI for images, this is now functioning as it should

Phantom Limb

Came across a great little bookmarklet that allows you to simulate touch events on a desktop environment. Check it out here:


To make it easier for you, just drag this link up to your toolbar to install it. Phantom Limb Bookmarklet

Audio is here! Finally

You’ve been there, a job that’s been lurking around, you know it will have to be done at some point but for some reason just keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the pile with a thought of “I’ll do it later”! Audio was one such job, but finally it has surfaced in 1.0.7 and is looking.. Sorry, sounding rather good.

I have to keep reminding myself that this is a framework and it’s down to the coder to do certain things, if you’ve read the 8bitrocket book (see below for link) then you’ll know that the best way to do … Continue Reading

HTML5 canvas group

Seems on my quick search that there isn’t any canvas disussion groups out there… Well there is now! Hurrah.

If you’d like to join me the group is now on Google at the following address:


Mmm Bugz n stuff!

Well, I guess all software has bugz! I’ve come across a couple in 1.0.6 which is a pain in the arse but hey, role with the punches, fix them and then move on to 1.0.7.. Hurrah.

A few of the issues are related to the bHive.Gradients class which was completely down to me putting numbers in the wrong place, silly boy! It’s fixed now and to boot more functions to make it easier to implement.

Other stuff..

SoundManager2 will be making an appearance within bHive, I wont be including this great library within bHive rather I will just add hooks so that it … Continue Reading