Mmm Bugz n stuff!

Well, I guess all software has bugz! I’ve come across a couple in 1.0.6 which is a pain in the arse but hey, role with the punches, fix them and then move on to 1.0.7.. Hurrah.

A few of the issues are related to the bHive.Gradients class which was completely down to me putting numbers in the wrong place, silly boy! It’s fixed now and to boot more functions to make it easier to implement.

Other stuff..

SoundManager2 will be making an appearance within bHive, I wont be including this great library within bHive rather I will just add hooks so that it can be used, permission has kindly been granted by Scott over at Schillmania to include it so all is good.

Although strictly I want you to use bHive, learning about the underlying tech is also important! With that in mind two books have sprung on the scene, boosting the popularity of the canvas tag greatly, one from the Jeff and Steve over at 8bitRocket called HTML 5 Canvas and the other from the very talented Jacob Seidelin of NiHiLogic called HTML5 Games: Creating Fun with HTML, CSS3 & WebGL.

The first of the two books is already out and I’m not ashamed to say have used it to tweak bHive after reading it, and the other is on pre-order. If you want to learn then head on over to Amazon and buy them today.

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