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Canvas Speed

It’s always good to optimize! And speed within a browser is always a premium. No browser+JavaScriptgame will ever be as fast as compiled code.

Worth a read is the great article over at HTMLwebsite about the speed performance hacks and techniques that can be applied to your canvas apps.

I’ll implement a few of the techniques into bHive just to leverage a bit more drawing speed.

Read the full article over at HTML5rocks

8bitrocket starts HTML5 forum

The guys over at 8bitrocket have started up a forum dedicated to HTML5 and the creation of games and tech. If you want a place to hang out and discuss the HTML5 Canvas then I suggest you head straight on over there and introduce yourself.

Find it online here: http://www.8bitrocket.com/phpbb

Texture Packer Support

I think I need to swing a huge thanks over to Andreas from Code n Web who has incorporated the bHive exporter for the sprite class. If you’ve been painfully putting your sprite sheets together in Photoshop or Fireworks then you’ve been missing a trick. Texture Packer is, once used, a tool that will be forever embraced.

If you’re using bHive, the I suggest you download this from www.texturepacker.com today!

Again, thanks Andreas!

HTML5 canvas group

Seems on my quick search that there isn’t any canvas disussion groups out there… Well there is now! Hurrah.

If you’d like to join me the group is now on Google at the following address: